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Academic Tutoring

ISTMP supports students by helping them improve their academic skills through scheduled meetings and consistent practice of their English vocabulary, enhancing their oral and written communication skills.

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Social and Cultural Mentoring

ISTMP student/scholars' college lives off-campus are enriched by providing them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture, participate in program and family activities, attend local community events such as the San Diego Symphony, live theater/plays, field trips, visit local tourist sites, attend potlucks and get familiar with the community in which they live.

Tutor/Mentor-Student Experience

Having real-time experience with Americans and American families helps open doors for international students and visiting scholars while allowing local American students, tutor/mentors the opportunity to learn, experience and better understand other cultures in a comfortable learning environment.

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Intercultural Competency and Ambassadorship

ISTMP helps improve student/scholars" intercultural competency, resulting in relationship building and enhancing leadership skills that are necessary to thrive and navigate life in and outside their home country. Upon returning to their home country, they become ambassadors sharing with their friends and families their overall experience with American families in the U.S.A. and the San Diego community at large, helping them become global citizens.

ISTMP helps build personal and interpersonal relationships, strengthening the image conveyed about U.S.A. and its people, to diverse cultures. They gain increased knowledge of American culture from their newfound local and international friends.